AHS Choir

choirpicThe Allendale Music Department is ever-growing with each passing year, and choir is no exception!  The music staff is always enthused about the number of students entering the high school with a passion for music, as well as the students who continue on with us year after year.  For the 2012-2013 school year, AHS has added TWO new choirs to the course offerings for choral music!


 Below is a list of four choral ensembles currently featured at Allendale High School:

* Women's Chorus, a beginning skill level SA high school choir.

* Select Women's Ensemble, an intermediate skill level SSA choir.

* Concert Choir, an SAB/SATB choir consisting of 9th-12th grade students.

* Chamber Choir, an intermediate/advanced SATB ensemble consisting of  juniors and seniors.

At AHS, each choir member is encouraged to pursue the highest level of excellence of which he or she is capable.  Each available choir is skill-based, plays a specific role in the choral program as a whole, and is designed to enhance the talents and abilities of every student as they continue through the program. Students are also expected to behave with great respect toward each other, as well as adults who belong to the choir program.  By maintaining a positive attitude, an atmosphere of respect, and an expectation of excellence, the students involved in the AHS Choral Music Program graduate with an advanced understanding of vocal physiology, breathing technique, and expressive elements of the voice, as well as proficiency in sightreading, the ability to sing in multiple parts, and an understanding of the major styles of music.  They also gain the experience of working as part of a team, building lasting relationships and sharing memories they will never forget!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Emily Verdonk by e-mail.