The Communications Office promotes an open flow of information. It supports two-way, mutually beneficial relationships between this district and community with the goal of creating a better understanding of the goals, accomplishments, and needs of the school district.

The Communication Office will...

  • Provide the appropriate liaison services between the District and the news media;
  • Support, plan and execute appropriate direct communications between school and home;
  • Assess the public's knowledge and attitudes about the schools, and use this information in planning a communications program;
  • Assist in ensuring that communications plans and skills exist in each school and department;
  • Assist with the publicity for all District programs as requested.

2016-2021 APS Strategic Plan: Communication/Community Relations

Goal Statement:  Allendale Public Schools will improve stakeholder awareness, district pride, and community engagement through purposeful programming and communications.

First Year Objectives:

  • Centralize a system for communication
  • Complete a process to rebrand the district
  • Develop and promote a monthly calendar of events and educational highlights.