ASCENT Program

ASCENT Pyramid
             APS Ascent Program

Allendale Public School's ASCENT Program takes a multi-level educational approach to meet the unique needs of our high-achieving learners. Through the ASCENT Program, our high-achieving learners will have the opportunity to receive modifications to their educational plan. These modifications will assist school personnel in fulfilling the mission of APS, which is "to provide the best educational environment possible, challenging all students to reach their highest potential." The ASCENT Program consists of four levels of service that Allendale Public Schools provides for its high-achieving learners (see program pyramid). Each level is designed to impact a specific group of students.

The ASCENT program is based upon three assumptions


  • All members of the Allendale Public School community possess a particular giftedness or talent, not necessarily academic, which once discovered and utilized, will enhance the overall educational experience for our students.
  • Giftedness in one discipline is not an indication of giftedness in every discipline.
  • As their child(ren)'s first educators, parents should continue to play a key role in their child(ren)'s education.

We define giftedness as exhibiting a higher aptitude or natural ability, which exceeds that of one's peers, in any or all of the disciplines of academics, fine arts, social skills, technology, or athletics.