LanSchool is our student control/monitoring solution for classroom use. We have changed from using the "channel" method to the "class list" method. As of August 2011, the latest version of LanSchool is Please ensure you have the latest version or contact the help desk for this update.

**We have found and are working on fixing a few glitches in the newest version of LanSchool.   The Show Teacher command will show not only the selected students the teacher's screen, but also students on that building's channel.  Please do not use this function until we have had a chance to  implement a fix for it.

How do I set up a class list?
To create a class list, open the teacher console and navigate to the Administer menu, select One to One -> Manage Class Lists.  The best way to add students to the list is to type in their username and Add Student Manually.  The student does not have to be logged into the computer in order for them to be added to a list this way. The username of the student is generally their last name and first 3 letters of their first name (Ex. John Smith = SmithJoh).

What channel should I be using?
By default every teacher's LanSchool channel has been set to their classroom telephone extension.  This allows teachers to load a class list so they can monitor or control only the students in their class at the time.  When a class list is loaded, the student's channel changes to that of the teacher's.  Once the teacher dismisses the class, the student returns to the default channel.  The default student channels are as follows:

High School = 20
Middle School =
Oakwood = 22
New Options = 23