Each district building has a color laser printer, color copier and multiple black and white zone printers throughout.

I am missing some printing options in my building or am visiting another building and need to print. How can I add more printers? 

If you need these printers on a continual basis, please contact the help desk so we can add these printers permanently to your print policy.

How do I print a document to PDF?

From your program (Open Office, Word, IE, etc.) choose File -----> Print, select the Adobe PDF option from the drop down menu, click OK, choose a name and location for  the PDF then click SAVE. The file will be "printed" to a PDF at the location you specified. As of 11/8/2010 all APS users that received the Universal Image 2010 during summer will have the Adobe PDF printer option, if you do not, please contact the help desk.

How do I add my email to the scanning list?

Please see the guide, PDF DocumentScan To Email Setup, for further assistance.

My building has copy card access enabled, how do I "badge in"?

Please see the guide, PDF DocumentCopier Card Reader, for further assistance.

I don't remember how to do certain functions on the copiers, what can I do?

Please see the guide, PDF DocumentCopier Quick Reference, for further assistance.

I printed a document from my workstation to the copier but it did not appear, what can I do?

  • Is the copier out of paper or in an error state? (paper jam, out of papers, low ink, etc.)
  • Does the output tray currently have a large quantity of paper/jobs in it? If it does, please remove the completed jobs and set them next to the unit, the output tray has a certain amount of paper it can hold before it must be removed.
  • Check in the properties of the printer that you have a NORMAL job and not a HOLD or other job type set, see screen shot below.

Copier Options

 If the above steps still do not work, please contact the help desk for further assistance.