aps hALL of Fame

               2015 Inductees

 Inductees 2015 (1)

Dale Buist - Career Accomplishments/Service to APS Community
Carol Coffey  - Service to Allendale Public Schools/Community
Jennifer Coffey - Career Accomplishments/Service to APS Community
Jim DeHorn  - Honorary Achievement – Contribution to APS
Brandon Venturini   - Athletic Accomplishments   



Alumni hall of fame

The Allendale Public Schools' Alumni Hall of Fame has been established to celebrate the achievements and talents of our distinguished alumni from Allendale Public Schools. The APS Alumni Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made exceptional achievements in their field, significant contributions to Allendale Public Schools, and/or unique contributions to their communities on a local, state, national or global level. The selection of these individuals is intended to recognize and encourage a tradition of excellence, achievement, commitment, and dedication.