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October 19, 2016

APS Music Program to host West Michigan Young Singers Choral Workshop, Nov. 12

The Allendale Public Schools is honored to host the West Michigan Young Singers Choral Workshop on Saturday, November 12 at the Ceglarek Fine Arts Center, 10760 68th Street, Allendale.  The West Michigan Young Singers Choral Workshop is a program of the Michigan Music Education Association. Allendale is one of just four locations around the state to host this event.

October 17, 2016

Third Graders Travel Through Michigan History

Third Graders Travel Through Michigan HistoryAllendale third grade students followed a leaf-covered path on a historical adventure this past week.

All Evergreen/Springview third grade classes traveled to the Michigan Heritage Park in Whitehall to see what life was like in Michigan long ago. Students learned about early Michigan people, local resources, and daily life. The field trip is part of the third grade social studies curriculum that explores Michigan's early history, economics and growth.

September 22, 2016

Meet new Elementary Principal Rinard Pugh

Sweeping through the bus drop-off area and nearby playground, Rinard Pugh encourages students to move inside before it begins to rain. Today students are "Dressed for Success" in celebration of Homecoming Spirit Week and Mr. Pugh is quick to compliment the smartly dressed children filing by him.

"Oh, I like that bowtie!"

"Very creative outfits, good job," he calls to the students.

Inside the halls of Springview and Evergreen Schools, he stops to greet students who are now waiting by their lockers for teachers to take them to class.  Mr. Pugh commends students on their patience and points out the school staff has set a goal of giving out 4000 coupons for good behavior to students during the first semester of school.

September 22, 2016

Voters To Determine Schools Funding in November Election

Voters will be asked on November 8 to renew a long-standing Non-Homestead Millage that generates operation revenue for the Allendale Schools (Operating Millage Proposal), and to vote on an Operating Millage "Headlee Cushion" proposal that protects school funding for the next two years.  The revenue generated from the current levy of 18 mills totals over $2.5 million annually, or about 10.5% of the school district's budget.