Volunteer at School




Time of Day 


 Science-Reading Mr. Erdmans   Available
 Science Mr. Erdmans Daily Morning Available
 English Mrs. Fox    Available
 English-Library Mrs. Fox    Available
 English-Special Projects Mrs. Fox  Periodically  Available
 English-Reading Mrs. Fox    Available
 English-Tutor Mrs. Fox    Available
 Various Mrs. Kohl    Available
 Math  Mr. Kuzee   Available
 Drama Mr. McMaster    Available
 Various Mrs. Carpenter    Available
 Physical Education Mr. Walstra  1-2 Days/Week  Available
 Band-Tutor Mr. Langejans   Available
 Band-Assistance Mr. Langejans   Available
 Band-Chaperone Mr. Langejans   Available
 Math-Tutor Mr. Yarnal  Any Time Available
 Math-Speaker Mr. Yarnal   Available
 Science-RAIL Project Mr. Piccard    Available
 Science-Reading Mr. Piccard    Available
 Math Mrs. Murphy    Available
 English Mrs. Davies    Available
 Math Mrs. Blaha    Available
 Reading Intervention Mrs. Blaha    Available
 Art Mrs. Lutke     Available
 Art-Preparation Mrs. Lutke    Available
 Art-Displays Mrs. Lutke    Available
 Choir-Music Theory Mr. Wurst     Available
 Choir-Assistance Mr. Wurst     Available
 Choir-Chaperone Mr. Wurst     Available
 Health-Labs Mrs. Merrill    Available
 Health-Bulletin Boards Mrs. Merrill    Available
 Health-Christmas Mrs. Merrill  December  Available
 Health-Health Fair Mrs. Merrill    Available
 Math Mrs. Wilson    Available
 Homework Mrs. Wilson    Available
 Leadership Team Mrs. Wilson    Available
 Mentor Mrs. Wilson  Weekly  Available
 Ski Club Mrs. Wilson  Winter  Available
 After School Groups Mrs. Wilson    Available
 Art Mrs. Wilson    Available
 Assemblies    Available
 Lockers-6th Grade  One Week  Morning  Available
 Lockers-Clean Out  Periodically  Available
 Supervise    Available
 Homework Center   After School Available
 Copy Center  Weekly  Available
 Test Preparation    Available
 RTI    Available
 Field Day    Available
 Exercise Room    Available


Science-Reading (Erdmans)

Help with reading comprehension during a 30 minute reading block.

Science (Erdmans)

Help students with their daily lesson plan book each morning and check to make sure work is completed.

English (Fox)

Help supervise peer editing groups.

English-Library (Fox)

Help supervise library activities.

English-Special Projects (Fox)

Help supervise hands on activities such as making senior care cards or valentines for veterans.

English-Reading (Fox)

Help supervise reading to elementary students.

English-Tutor (Fox)

Tutor students that are missing work or need to redo work.

Various (Kohl)

Help students with math, reading and english. Review and assess students in these skills.

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Math (Kuzee)

Work one-on-one with students.

Drama (McMaster)

Help with the fall and middle school plays. Volunteers could sort costumes, apply make up, build sets, usher, sell tickets.

Various (Carpenter)

Read with students and help with fluency and comprehension. Work with students on math facts and help students study for tests.

Physical Education (Walstra)

Assist with small groups, skills development and team strategies. Qualified volunteers would also be utilized to monitor the class while the teacher is working with students on fitness testing.

Band-Tutor (Langejans)

Qualified volunteers would tutor struggling students.

Band-Assistance (Langejans)

Organize music library and other administrative tasks.

Band-Chaperone (Langejans)

Chaperone concerts and festivals.

Math-Tutor (Yarnal)

Tutor and mentor students

Math-Speaker (Yarnal)

Speak to students about the use and need of mathematics in the professional world.

Science-RAIL Project (Piccard)

Assist students with fieldwork and data collection for the RAIL Project.

Science-Reading (Piccard)

Reading coaches.

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Math (Murphy)

Help with small group work, flex groups, tutoring and study help.

English (Davies)

Work with struggling readers and ESL students.

Math (Blaha)

Help with math stations.

Reading Intervention (Blaha)

Help with the Lunch Buddy program.

Art (Lutke)

Help monitor students while they work at various art stations.

Art-Preparation (Lutke)

Prepare materials for projects and organize materials.

Art-Displays (Lutke)

Help to display student artwork.

Choir-Music Theory (Wurst)

Work with students on music theory.

Choir-Assistance (Wurst)

Organize music library and other administrative tasks.

Choir-Chaperone (Wurst)

Chaperone concerts and festivals.

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Health-Labs (Merrill)

Help to set up and tear down equipment for lab type activities.

Health-Bulletin Boards (Merrill)

Assist with bulletin boards.

Health-Christmas (Merrill)

Help with the health snack party at Christmas time.

Health-Health Fair (Merrill)

Assist in planning an end of year health fair.

Math (Wilson)

Math Tutors

Homework (Wilson)

Help students with homework.

Leadership Team (Wilson)

Volunteers to help with leadership team endeavors, trips and service learning.

Mentor (Wilson)

Mentors to have lunch with a student or small group once a week to socialize and discuss social skills, etc.

Ski Club (Wilson)

Chaperone ski club.

After School Groups (Wilson)

Create after school groups: chess, knitting, etc.

Art (Wilson)

Help with wall murals.

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Supervise Assemblies

Lockers-6th Grade

Help with 6th grade lockers the first week of school.

Lockers-Clean Out

Help with locker clean outs during the year.


Help supervise students so teachers might have time to meet as a team or to work on data.

Homework Center

Assist in homework center

Copy Center

Make copies for teachers.

Test Preparation

Assist individual teachers with test preparation.


Assist with students' RTI strategies.

Field Day

Supervise a field day.

Exercise Room

Supervise students when using the exercise room.

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