A Note from the Principal

Note - Spring Top

May is a great month around Oakwood Intermediate School.  The warmer weather has brought buds to the trees and frogs to our wetlands.  The students enjoy being outdoors and seem to be happy.  We see smiling faces and hear excitement in their voices as they talk with their friends about last night’s ball game or the fun they had riding bikes around the neighborhood.  

In the classroom, our students and teachers are busy with instructional activities designed to increase learning.  Along with these daily activities, our students are scheduled to participate in valuable assessments this month.  The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS), and the Delta Math Screener are a few of the spring assessments which will give a clear indication of the academic progress our Oakwood students have made over the year.   

Although our assessment results will not be available until the end of the month, we are confident Oakwood students will show significant growth when we compare their fall data to their new spring data.  I am convinced that the growth our students have experienced this year directly resulted from the unwavering commitment  our parents and teachers have made to work together to fulfill the mission of Allendale Public Schools that, “in partnership with the community, (our mission) is to provide the best educational environment possible, challenging all students to reach their highest potential.” 

I would like to thank the Oakwood Family - our students, parents, and staff - for the amazing effort each has put forth over the length of the 2010-11 school year.  You are Awesome!


Doug Bol, Principal

Oakwood Intermediate