Amazing Reading Bus Staff

 ConnieLR (2) 

Connie Merrill has been working for Allendale Public Schools going on 24 plus years. She is currently a Paraprofessional with the Wee Ones Program and for Spring View Elementary School, as well as a bus driver for the district.

Connie has been with the Amazing Reading Bus since it’s inception in 1998.


Deb Oros has been with Allendale Public Schools going on 23 plus years. She is currently a Paraprofessional at Allendale Middle School Media Center.

Deb has been with the Amazing Reading Bus since 1999.


Richelle Rybinski a Reading Specialist at Springview Elementary. She  services at-risk readers and helps to coordinate reading interventions for grades 1-3. 

In the summer months, Richelle rides the Reading Bus in the parade, helps organize the books on the bus, and helps plan the Amazing Reading Bus summer celebration.

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Connie Merrill
Deb Oros
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