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Commmunity Education classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. All classes require pre-registration prior to the start date.  Payment is required at time of enrollment.  Visit the Registration page for more information. Print and mail in the Enrollment form

Fall 2018 Classes for Students

  • Archery - Beginners

  • Archery - Intermediate

  • Babysitting Clinic

  • Karate Tuesdays

  • Dance - Beginners

  • Dance - Intermediate

  • Creative Movement 5 & 6 year olds, DK & Kindergarten

  • Home Alone - Child Safety

  • Hunter Safety

  • Snowmobile Safety

  • Boater Safety 2018

  • ORV Safety 2018

  • Learn to Ice Skate

  • Learn to Play Hockey

  • Home Alone

Fall 2018 Classes for Adults


  • Nutrition and Children

  • Painting Techniques with Mel

  • Rethunk Junk Furniture Painting with Mel

  • Staff First Aid

  • Staff CPR

  • Step Aerobics

  • The Effective Parent Series

  • Zumba

Cancellation Policy

Community Education reserves the right to cancel any class where there is insufficient enrollment. A full refund will be issued if a class is canceled by Community Education. For cancellations due to weather, please call the Center. The cancellations will also be listed on WZZM-13 television.

To Cancel and Receive a Refund: A refund will be issued (minus $5.00 processing fee) if the participant cancels at least 48 hours (two business days) prior to the start of the class. If you cancel the day before or the day of class, there will be no refund. No refunds made after the class has started, regardless of attendance. All no shows will not be rolled over into the next upcoming class.

Fees: A service charge of $35.00 will be assessed for returned/insufficient funds.

Fall 2018 Classes for Students - Course Descriptions

Archery  for Beginners

Ages: 8 - 14
Location: Grand Valley Sporting Goods, 6387 Lake Michigan Drive

Learn the safety strategies, tips, skills and techniques of archery. Students will practice correct form, grip, angle, draw, and proper aim needed to shoot a bow. Equipment will be provided on site for this class. Bows from home are allowed. When class is offered during the school year, class will run after school. When class is offered in June after school dismisses, class is offered during the morning hours. Both classes run for 6 weeks one hour per week.

Archery Intermediate

Ages: 8 - 14
Location: Grand Valley Sporting Goods, 6387 Lake Michigan Drive

Students will perfect the following: form, grip, angle, draw, and proper aim needed to shoot. This class will be offered for the experienced youth that own bows. When class is offered during the school year, class will run after school. When class is offered in June after school dismisses, class is offered during the morning hours. Both classes run for 6 weeks one hour per week. 

Babysitting Clinic

Ages 11-up
Location: Evergreen, #107
Cost: $42.00
Date/Time: October 16, 2018.

This class will give your youth a clear overview of what he or she needs to know about babysitting techniques. The do’s and don'ts, what to do in case of, and other responsibilities that go along with the job. CPR and first aid will also be taught in this class.

Karate Tuesdays  

Ages: KDG-Grade 5
Location: Class held in Springview gym

Cost: $48.00
Date/Time: January 29 - March 5, 3:40 - 4:30 pm

Standale Karate will instruct this class after school in Springview Gym. The purpose and main focus are to teach Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts. Self-discipline and self-control will be incorporated into the training. Class held on Tuesdays after school for 6 weeks.

Dance Beginners & Intermediate:

Ages: Grades 1 - 5
Location: Springview Gym
Cost: $48.00

Date/Time: Thursdays, January 31st - March 7, 3:40 - 4:30 pm. Ages: 1st - 5th grade. The focus of this class will be to introduce and build onto basic techniques in styles such as ballet, lyrical, modern, and jazz, along with developing an appreciation fo the art of dance. Beginner and Intermediate dancers are welcome! The six week session will aim to build dance vocabulary, musicality, and flexibility and emphasizes collaboration with fellow students. Dancers in this class will also be learning a showcase pierce to perform at the end of the session on stage, in th Fine Arts Center. Class is offered January 31st - March 7th with a recital being held on March 7th. 

Creative Movement DK & KDG

Ages: 5 & 6 year olds
Location: Springview Gym
Cost: $48th

Date/Time: Thursdays, January 31st - March 7th, 4:40 - 5:30 pm. Ages 5 & 6, DK & KDG. This six week session is geared towards young children who wish to be introduced to dance and/or are looking to get active in a fun learning environment. During the session, students will learn how to move to different genres of music, basic dance technique, and collaboration skills with fellow classmates. this class will also prepare a dance for the end of the session showcase, in the Fine Arts Center. 

Home Alone

Ages: Gr. 4 - 8
Location: Evergreen #107 
Cost: $30.00
Date/Time: November 27, 3:45-5:45.

More and more young children are required to stay home alone. It is important that every child understands what his or her parent or guardian wants the child to do while home alone. Care must be taken, however, to equip children with the self-care tools needed to deal with situations that might put them in danger. This class will cover such things as answering the door & phone, first aid, fire safety rules, internet safety, gun safety rules, and stranger danger. Time: 3:45-5:45.

Hunters Safety

Ages: Youth to Adult
Location:  Allendale High School
Cost: $10.00
Date/Time: January 31 & February 2, 2019.  Thursday 5:30-8 & Saturday 8-4:30 pm.  Must attend both classes to be certified.

Hunters education courses teach new hunters responsibility, ethics, firearm safety, wildlife conservation and wildlife identification, game care, survival and first aid. If your son/daughter is 12 yrs and under, please plan to attend this class with them. You must attend both classes and test at the end of class to be certified. Pre-registration accepted ahead. This class is offered one evening and a full Saturday. Bring a sack lunch to the Saturday class along with a pen & pencil. Class held at Allendale High School. Call to sign & pay over the phone with debit/credit card or mail registration with payment. We also have a after hours drop box located outside the Middle School entrance.

Snowmobile Safety

Ages: No set age. State law is 12 yrs. + to ride trails & cross st.
Location: Allendale High School
Cost: $10.00
Date/Time: January 26, 2019, 9-12:00.

This course is designed to educate the operator in the safe operation of a snowmobile. The next class will be offered after the New Year 2019.   Call Community Education to enroll over the phone with debit/credit card. You will be mailed your manual after enrollment or you may pick it up from the Community Education office. Bring along a pen and pencil to class.  Class will be held at Allendale High School in the Media Center.  Cost:$10.00.

Boaters Safety 2019

Ages: Anyone born after June 30, 1996
Location: Allendale High School
Cost: $10
Class is scheduled to run Spring, 2019.

Michigan conservation officers and Michigan county sheriffs encourage all persons operating boats in Michigan to enroll in a boating safety course. Boaters born after June 30, 1996 and most personal watercrafts (jet ski) operators who operate a vessel in Michigan must have a boater education certificate. Manual provided at the time of enrollment. No registration at door, please. All those enrolled are to bring along a pen, pencil and sack lunch to class. The class is scheduled to run Spring 2019 from 9 am - 3 pm in the Media Center at Allendale High School.  Cost: $10.00.

Who May Operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC or jet ski)

Those less than 14 yrs. may not legally operate a PWC. Those 14 & 15 years of age may operate a PWC legally only if they have obtained a boating safety certificate and are accompanied on board by his/her parent/guardian or by a 21 yrs. old who has been designated by the parent or legal guardian. Those 14 & 15 year olds may operate a PWC if they are at a distance of not more that 100 feet from his/her parent or guardian or a person at least 21 yrs. of age who has been designated by the parent or legal guardian. Those at least 16 years and born after December 31, 1978, may operate a PWC legally only if they have obtained a boating safety certificate. If you were born before December 31, 1978, you may operate a PWC legally with out restrictions.

ORV Safety 2019

Ages: ORV Operators/Drivers
Location: Allendale High School
Cost: $10
Class is scheduled Spring 2019.

This course is designed to educate the operator in the safe operation of Off-Road Vehicles. Students enrolled must be able to read and understand the materials given. Students are required to take a written test at the end of the class. No child under the age of 12 may cross any street, highway, or county road while operating any ORV. Children who are at least 12 yrs. may cross streets and roads (only at right angles) if they are under the direct visual supervision of an adult and have a valid ORV safety certificate. ORV study manual is given at the time of enrollment. Class held at Allendale High School Media Center.  No registration at door, please. No rollovers if you are a no-show. Bring a sack lunch, ink pen & pencil. Time: 9 am - 3 pm.

Learn to Skate, Fall 2019

Ages: 4 years - up
Location:  Griffs Georgetown Ice Center
Cost: $125 (includes skate rental)
Date/Time: Saturdays, September 22-November 10. 9:00 - 9:50 am.

Your child will receive 50 minutes of instruction for 8 weeks (Thursdays). Come 20 early to the first session to allow time to fit skates, get your class assignment, ect...All skaters MUST wear a helmet (hockey or bike). Dress accordingly & wear gloves. Wear only one pair of thin socks so the skates fit. The focus and goal are to teach beginner hockey players the fundamentals of skating. Students will be taught how to balance, bend, march forward, stride, how to get back up, agility, glide and more. Students will run through stations on the ice to rotate through instruction.  

Learn to play Hockey, Fall 2019

Ages: 5 - 9 years old
Location: Griffs Georgetown Ice Center
Cost: $125
Date/Time: Saturdays, September 22-November 10. 10:00 - 10:50 am.

This class is the second step of youth hockey (the first is Learn to Skate class). Your child will receive 60 minutes of instruction for 8 weeks. Students will enjoy learning and be improving their skating and puck handling skills through challenging drills & on-ice games. Participants will be separated by ability in order for each participant to feel comfortable and challenged. Instruction will be high tempo, positive, and suited to the skill level of each player. 

Learn to Skate & Learn to Play Hockey, Session II & III, 

Session II. November 17 - January 12, 2019 (no class 12/29). 

Session III. January 26 - March 16. 






Fall 2018Classes for Adults - Course Descriptions

Adult Classes

Speed Oiling - Join us for a fun, fast paced Speed Oiling class! We will begin with a quick introduction on what essential oils are, then you will travel table to table every 2 minutes to learn about our most popular oils and how they can easily support your family's everyday wellness, from emotions and energy, to seasonal discomfort and immune support. Tuesday, September 25 from 7-8pm or Tuesday, October 23 from 7-8pm. Class cost is $15.00 per class. Both classes will be held at the HS.

The Effective Parenting Workshop Series - Leonard Paauwe a retired Human Resources Development Consultant, has over 20 years experience coaching and training adults and is a certified Life and Family Coach. This course offers a way forward for parents to create a joyful, vibrant family life and raise a happy, healthy confident child. A child that is prepared to excel in their world today and in the future. This sequential four session program provides parents with four crucial elements that are necessary for dealing successfully with the challenges of parenting in today's world.

Worshop 1: How to Listen So Your Child Will Talk -  Date: October 9. Do you want to know what is going on in your child's life? Believe it or not they want to tell you. They just want to feel heard, understood and not judged. This class will help you learn to do just that and you're going to love the results. Cost: $35 couple or $20 single. 6:30-9:00. 

Worshop 2: How to Talk So your Child will Listen - October 16, 6:30-9:00 pm. Frustrated with repeating yourself and wonder why they won't listen? This class will give you tools to first get their attention without yelling and then positive messages to get cooperation. Cost: $35 couple or $20 single.

Worshop 3: Building Trust with your Child: October 23. Trust within the family is essential to having a joyful and vibrant family life. This class will provide you with the key elements of building trust in the family. Time: 6:30-9:00 pm. Cost: $35.00 couple or $20.00 single.

Worshop 4: Problem Solving with Your Child: October 30. "If they had only come to me."  For many children when faced with what feels like and overwhelming problem, avoiding by running away with drugs or suicide, is their only solution. This class will help you set the foundation for problem solving within the family. through participating in family priblem solving children learn there is a trusted and respectful way for solving the problems they face. Time: 6:30-9:00pm. Cost: $35.00 couple or $20.00 per single.

First Aid/CPR/AED for Staff - Class held Saturday, October 20 in the Middle School Media Garage. This will be a combined all day class. Please contact Kelly at Community Education to sign up. Class begins at 8:30 am. We will take names from the outside public if spots are available.

First Aid for Staff - Class held Thursday, November 8, 6-9:00 pm in the Middle School Media Garage. Call Kelly at Community Education to sign up. We will take names from the outside public if spots are available.

CPR/AED - Class held Tuesday, November 13, 6-9:00 pm in the Middle School Media Garage. Call Kelly at the Community Education office to sign up. We will take names from the outside public if spots are available.

Understanding your Investment - This class will provide an unvarnished perspective as to why investment products may be recommended, how to tell if your investments are in your best interest, as well as what to look for in a prospectus. This class also focuses on how to tell the difference between the suitability and fiduciary standard, how to discover the true costs of your portfolio, how financial advisors get paid, and how different investment products operate. Participant questions are encouraged. Fee includes one spouse or guest. Time: 6-7:45 pm. November 8 or January 24. $20.00.

Zumba - This class combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow Zumba participants to dance away their worries. The routines feature interval training sessions, where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba class! Zumba means to move fast and have fun, so if you are not a dancer, it doesn't matter! Use the front entrance of Springview and follow hallway to the back of the school which will lead you to the Springview gym. Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 pm. Class cost for a 8 week session, $64.00.  October 2 - November 20. 


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