Enrollment Forms

Grades 1st-12th Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms are available to download/print here online and also at the Allendale District Office. Registration for all grade levels is completed at the Allendale District Office, 10505 Learning Lane.
Google Chome is no longer compatible with Acrobat. Please use a different web browser if you wish to complete the form electronically.

Enrollment forms for 2018-2019 new students

Enrollment Forms for 2019-2020 new students

PDF Document2018-2019 Enrollment Form (required)
 Please complete both pages signatures required.
PDF Document2019-2020 Enrollment Form (required)
 Please complete both pages signatures required.
PDF Document2018-2019 Transportation Form (required)
Please complete even if no ride is needed - parent may write "no ride needed".
To register for transportation please visit the transportation page.
PDF Document2018-19 MSHAA Athletic Form (required for high school students only) PDF Document2019-2020 MSHAA Athletic Form (required for high school students only)

Enrollment forms required for all new students

PDF DocumentHome Language Survey  (required)
This form is required even if your child speaks English only. Only one side of this form needs to be completed.
PDF DocumentVerification of Chicken Pox  (required)
This form is required whether your child has or has not had the Chicken Pox. We will attach this form to your child's immunization record.
PDF DocumentConcussion Awareness Form  (required)
This form requires signatures by parent/guardian and student acknowledging the receipt and review of the concussion fact sheet.
PDF DocumentConsent to Disclose Immunizations (required)
PDF DocumentFERPA Directory Notice (required)
This form requires signatures by a parent/guardian regarding your child's directory information and the publishing of student photographs.
PDF DocumentRequest for School Records   (required)
Required for those students transferring from another school. Complete this form by including the name of the school where your child last attended. 
PDF DocumentStudent Acceptable Use Policy (required for students in grades 4-12)
This form requires a signature from one of the parent/guardians and students in grades 4 and above only.
PDF DocumentParent Portal (available for students in grades 6-12)
Complete the back side of this form if you wish to view your child's school records, anywhere, anytime.
PDF DocumentInternet Filtering Policy Parent Options (available for students in grades 6-12) This is an opt-in filtering policy for parents who wish to grant access to social networking and/or netflix to students in grades 6-12.
PDF DocumentParent Affidavit -Memo of Understanding (required) This form requires signatures by a parent/guardian as an acknowledgement of all registration requirements.

Additional Enrollment Forms

PDF DocumentConsent to Share Information (Optional)
The 'Consent to Share' form allows a non-legal guardian to have access to your child's student information such as parent portal, grades, attendance,