Acentek Educational Broadband Program


 Acentek Education Braodband program

 In Partnership with Allendale Public Schools and the Allendale Community


 How to Qualify

  • Be located where Acentek offers internet service in Allendale
  • Have at least one middle school or high school child eligible and participating in the National School Lunch Program
  • Have not subscribed to Acentek Internet for the last 90 days
  • Do not have an overdue Acentek bill

 Program Details*

  • Wireless Connection with a 3 MB internet connection for $15/month
  • Renewable Yearly based on continuation in the National School Lunch Program and current account
  • One time installation and modem fees of $75 are the responsibility of the customer. Allendale Public Schools may have some grant monies available to help offset this.

 How to Apply

  • Request in writing to Allendale Public Schools Food Service to send an NSLP status document to Allendale Public Schools Technology.
  • Grant permission for Allendale Public Schools Technology to share this information with Acentek
  • Provide best contact phone number and complete installation address to Allendale Public Schools Technology.


 Acentek Internet Application




*Does not apply toward Triple Play package