The CAP Corner


                                 Children and Parents Reading Program


Welcome to Allendale Public Schools Elementary C.A.P. (Children and Parent's Reading) Program.  This page was designed to help parents familiarize themselves with the CAP program, as well as give helpful tips and information on reading strategies that help children become good readers.

 If your child is new to CAP, please take a moment to view the Powerpoint presentation and reading strategies video.  

  • The presentations can normally be viewed from a desktop computer with Flash player installed. You can download at:
  • For Android phone use, you can download a flash player from Google play store on your device.
  • For Iphone use, download from Apple Store on your device. 

If you need additional help, please contact our office at 616-892-5570.

1.  First, Please view the CAP Presentation:



2.  Second, Please view the "Reading Strategies" video: