Covid-19 Information Center

Parameters for returning to work on the APS campus, including links to a training video and health screening form.

PDF DocumentJune 15, 2020 Return to Work Plan


  1. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has published this Fact Sheet to explain what the virus is, how it is spread, who is at risk, and how to protect yourself from the virus. It explains the risk to the general public for contracting the virus is low, while travelers to and from certain areas of the world may be at increased risk.
  2. There is also a CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Frequently Asked Questions document that specifically addresses concerns about children and the virus. It explains that so far there is no evidence to suggest that children are more susceptible to the virus than the general population. 
  3. Additional updates (including current case information for Michigan) can be found at the MDHHS COVID19 website (Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website).  

Informational Updates from Dr. Garth Cooper, Superintendent

PDF DocumentJune 12 - Notes on returning to school
PDF DocumentMay 8 - Locker Pickup scheduled for May 18
PDF DocumentApril 2 - Face-to-face schooling discontinuance order, moving forward with learning
PDF DocumentMarch 20  - Updates, spring break travel recommendations
PDF DocumentMarch 13  - Statewide school closure order, food pickup plans, food assistance
PDF DocumentMarch 12  - Mitigation planning and event cancellations
PDF DocumentMarch 11  -Ottawa County Health Department updates regarding Coronavirus



From your APS Mental Health Team

Go to the Mental Health page for the latest newsletters, general information and resources.

Covid-19 Resources

Here is a collection of resources and information on Covid-19 that may assist you and your family throughout the school closure and beyond. 

New Video Messages

 Video DocumentMIndful Breathing 
-Meredith Bauder, Counselor, Oakwood Intermediate

 Video Document Stuck Inside with the Kids? Avoiding Common Parent Traps (April 23)
- Andrew Jakobcic, APS Behavior Coach

APS food distribution has ended as of June 23. Please see the "Community Resources & Food Assistance" section below for alternative means of assistance.


Due to school closures Food Service will have meal kits available for ANY child 18 or younger. There is NO cost, and children do NOT need to qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

All are welcome!

PDF DocumentJune Meal Kit Pickup 

PDF DocumentMay Meal Kit Pickup Locations and Times

PDF DocumentApril Meal Kit Pickup Locations and Times

PDF DocumentApril Location & Times Flier

PDF DocumentMarch Meal Kit Pickup Locations and Times


Allendale area resources for those with need:

PDF DocumentAllendale Eats - 12:30 - 1:30 Tuesdays through Aug. 17. Allendale Meadows. 1 bag and 1 produce box. Children 18 and under.

PDF DocumentMay 27 Crisis Community Resources - See the updated food assistance resources

PDF DocumentMay 27 Ripple Effect Food Pantry flier - Last day for the Ripple Effect Panty is May 28. See flier for additional food assistance resources.

PDF DocumentDouble Up Food Bucks flier - using your Bridge Card at participating area Farmers Markets

Messages to families from HS Principal Troy VanderLaan

Visit the page School Closure Messages for Familes to see these messages:

  • June 1 - End of Year Celebration June 4; Commencement (tentative) Aug. 4, 6 p.m.; Chromebook return (seniors only will return them); Test out prep materials; respond to Remote Learning Survey by June 5.
  • May 13 - Personal belongings/school property pick-up and drop-off date, mental health and wellness survey and supports, class schedules for 2020-2021, commencement ceremony choice TBA, good news about AHS.
  • April 17 - Staff video, positive news, closure updates
  • April 4 - FAQs on the school shutdown (Questions generated by AHS students during Zoom session)
  • March 30 - Remote learning recap: weekly assignments, trimester 3 credit, reduced price internet access; SAT, AP & M-Step testing
  • March 27  - Letter regarding student survey responses 
  • March 27  - Student survey and responses re Zoom FAQ session
  • March 18 - Suggested assignments, trimester 3 credit, food distribution
  • March 13 - Initial school closing update, reduced price internet information

Video Messages

Mr. VanderLaan and Mrs. Mucha  have created video messages for students and families during the stay-at-home orders from spring 2020. Visit School Closure Video Messages to watch:

  • April 17 - "We Miss You" AHS staff video from FNN
  • April 4 - Mr. VanderLaan: Face-to-face school discontinuance order and what it means for everyone at AHS.
  • March 30 - Mr. VanderLaan: A recap of the parent letter regarding remote learning.
  • "We Miss our Students" - Mr. VanderLaan, Mrs. Mucha
  • March 21 - Mr. VanderLaan, Mrs. Mucha: End of the first week of school closure.

Messages from the Principal

This page contains all communication from Mr. Plain to parents and students:

Messages from the Principal


Go to this page for MS Remote Learning Assignments:

Teacher Assignment Calendars


Messages from Oakwood Intermediate Principal Doug Bol

Visit the Principal's Newsletter page to view these newsletters:

  • April 17 - New Remote Learning Packets available, Assignments & Schdule Reminder, Board Meeting date and access
  • April 7 - Remote Learning Plan, Online Learning, Assignments & Schedules, Staff Availability, Resources link
  • March 30 - Requirements for Remote Learning, Remote Learning Packets provided, explained.

Assigned Remote Learning Packets

You can find all downloadable Learning Packets for your Oakwood student at the link below. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your student's teacher.

Visit this page to download  Remote Learning Assignments, including the FINAL packet, dated June 1 - June 5:  

  • 4th Grade MAPS Assignments & Remote Learning Packets
  • 5th Grade MAPS Assignments & Remote Learning Packets



PDF DocumentMay 29 - End-of-year information from Mrs. Spahr

April 8 - Update from Interim Principal Mrs. Spahr: Remote Learning Packet availability dates, desk and locker items update. 

Remote Learning

All Evergreen Remote Learning packets along with Specials Newsletters can be downloaded here:

Remote Learning Packets and Specials Newsletters



Here are Learning Packets for Young 5s and Kindergarten. Please contact your child's teacher if you need more information.

Remote Learning Packets for May 18 - May 29

Go to the Remote Learning Packets Page to download the latest for:

  • 3yr- and 4yr- old Preschool
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Great Start Learning Program
  • Young 5s Program
  • Kindergarten

Remote Learning Packets for May 4 - May 15 

Go to the Remote Learning Packets Page to download the latest for:

  • 3yr- and 4yr- old Preschool
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Great Start Learning Program
  • Young 5s Program
  • Kindergarten

Remote Learning Packets for April 20 - May 1 

Go to the Remote Learning Packets Page to download the latest for:

  • 3yr- and 4yr- old Preschool
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Great Start Learning Program
  • Young 5s Program
  • Kindergarten

Remote Learning Packets for March 30 - April 10

This page has remote learning for:

  • Young 5s Program
  • Kindergarten


Messages from Special Education Director Jessica Woodard-Robbert are on this page, including:

  • June 2 - APS camps and summer school programs remain closed; no written progress reports this spring; keep devices and learning materials to return when face-to-face learning begins.
  • March 13 - Moving to targeted, curriculum-based learning
  • April 15 - The APS Continuity of Learning Plan and Contingency Learning Plans for Families of students with disabilities.