Scholarship Information

External LinkIf a link is not listed below, or is not available, please see Mrs. DeGroot,  Ms. Pellegrom or Mr. Fogel in the Counseling Office for assistance.

Wells Fargo Tuition Funding Sources (TFS) scholarship website, TFS has millions of scholarships and grants. External Link Click here

Additional Scholarship Websites: External LinkAllendale Community Foundation and External Link Grand Rapids Community Foundation     External LinkMichigan College Fair Calendar  External  External LinkScholarship Buddy Michigan


Scholarship Information 2019/2020:

01.15.2020 NALS of West Michigan Scholarship: $1000 PDF DocumentApplication Rules and Regulations
02.20.2020 MEA Scholarship 2020: External LinkScholarship Link
02.28.2020 Allendale Community Foundation Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
03.15.2020  Deputy David Steenwyk and Deputy Matt Chatfield: PDF DocumentApplication Link
04.01.2020 Credit Union One Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link






Scholarship Information 2018/2019:

10.31.18 VFW Youth Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
12.31.18 Zip Recruiter Scholarship: $3000 External LinkScholarship Link
12.31.18 Getting Real About Distracted Driving Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.01.19 Credit Union One Scholarships: External LinkWebsite Link
01.14.19 American Legion Scholarships: Multiple  External LinkWebsite Link

Essay Contests for Ayn Rand’s Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged:
External LinkWebsite Link

01.31.19 Discover Student Loans Sweepstakes: External LinkWebsite Link
01.31.19 LMCU Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.01.19 University Club of Grand Rapids: $1000 External LinkWebsite Link 
02.15.19  University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.20.19 Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship: Multiple Scholarships External LinkWebsite Link
02.21.19 Michigan Education Association: $1,500 x20 External LinkWebsite Link
02.22.19 St. Mary's of Michigan Dr. Raana Akbar Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.27.19 You Deserve It Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 Allendale Community Foundation: External LinkWebsite Link  PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.01.19 AcenTek Scholarship: (20) $1000 External LinkWebsite Link

Fred and Lena Meijer Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link

 Eligibility Requirements

For the year for which the application is being submitted, the applicant must be either:

1)A current Meijer Team Member with an employment start date prior to April 2, 2018, who has been employed full-time or part-time by Meijer, with continuous service, and will be attendingcollege/university or technical school either part or full time or,

2)A dependent child (natural, legally adopted, or step-child) of a current Meijer Team Member with an employment start date prior to April 2, 2018 who has been employed full-time or part-time by Meijer, who will be attending college/university or technical school either part or full time or,

3)A dependent child of a former Meijer Team Member who worked full-time or part-time for Meijer forat least one year, but whose employment was terminated due to death, retirement, or total and permanentdisability, who will be attending college/university or technical school full time.

 The scholarship cannot be used to complete a graduate level program. Children of Meijer company officers, board of directors, and shareholders are not eligible for a scholarship.

03.01.19 2019 Rosa Parks Scholarship: $2000 External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 I.F.D. Leaders in Mathematics Scholarship: (2) $2000 Scholarships  PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.01.19 Michigan Competitive Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.03.19 Deputy Steenwyk/Chatfield Scholarship: $4000 PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.15.19 Michigan Retailers Association: External
03.16.19 West Michigan District of PMA (Precision Metalforming Association): PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.29.19 Mary Jane Dockeray Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
03.31.19 Allendale Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.31.19 Skilled Trades ScholarshipExternal LinkScholarship Info
03.31.19 2019 Constructive Sheet Metal Inc.: External LinkScholarship Info

MACAC Maggie Miller Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link

04.01.19 Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.12.19 2019 LEADS Scholarship Program: External LinkScholarship Link
04.12.19 Apartmentguide Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.14.19 Rotary Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.15.19 MEA Retired Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
04.15.19 Elise Joy Frantz Scholarship: PDF DocumentInformation Link Word DocumentApplication Link
05.01.19 Rover Scholarship: $2500 External LinkScholarship Link
05.06.19 Ben VanDyken Memorial Scholarship: PDF Document Scholarship Application
05.09.19 Allendale Public Schools Foundation ScholarshipPDF DocumentApplication Link
05.09.19 Ceglarek Family Fine Arts Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
05.10.19 Athletic Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Link  PDF DocumentRecommendation Form
05.25.19 WMCA Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Form
05.31.19 Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
05.31.19 West Michigan Armed Forces Dependent Scholarship: External Link Scholarship Link
06.01.19 Pureland Supply Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
06.01.19 Projector Lamps Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link 





Scholarship Information 2017/2018:

TBD Ave Maria Michigan Scholarship: $7,000 Yearly  External LinkWebsite Link


2017 Kenley Farrell Scholarship: $1,200  PDF DocumentScholarship Link 


Wendy's High School Heisman Scholarship: Up to $10,000  External LinkWebsite 

10.06.2017 AES Scholarship: $500 External LinkWebsite Link
11.7.2017 Prudential Spirit of Community: $1000 External LinkWebsite Link
01.08.2018 Guy Wilson Scholarship: $500 PDF DocumentPDF Link
01.08.2018 William D. & Jewell Brewer Scholarship: $500 PDF DocumentPDF Link
01.15.2018 NALS of Michigan Scholarship: $1000 PDF DocumentRules PDF DocumentApplication
01.31.2018 Lake Michigan Credit Union Scholarship: $2000  External LinkWebsite Link
01.31.2018 Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation: $5000 renewable External LinkWebsite Link
02.01.2018 University Club of Grand Rapids: $1000 External LinkWebsite Link
02.05.2018 We The People Essay Contest: Multiple Scholarship Awards External LinkWebsite Link
02.09.2018 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of West Michigan is providing an opportunity for high school students in West Michigan to develop their leadership skills, engage in the community, and compete for a college scholarship.  The Students of the Year Campaign is a seven-week initiative in which nominated high school students participate in a fundraising competition to benefit the life-saving mission of LLS: to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.  $2500 Scholarship is awarded to the top fundraiser.  Contact Sarah Hoorn, Campaign Specialist  616-224-6248 Direct Line   504-344-5055 Cell
02.09.2018 University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids: $3750  External LinkWebsite Link
02.15.2018 Allendale Comminity FoundationExternal LinkWebsite Link
02.15.2018 Sparkling ICE Scholarship:$5000  External LinkWebsite Link
02.20.2018 Foundation for Rural Service: $2500 External LinkWebsite Link
02.22.2018 Michigan Education Association Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.28.2018 2018 Mike Robillard Memorial Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Information
PDF DocumentScholarship Application
02.28.2018 Community Choice Foundation: $5000 External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.2018 AcenTek Scholarship: x20 $1000  External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.2018 Lakeshore Parade of Homes Scholarship: Looking for creative and
innovative ideas.  Students are asked to design a guidebook cover
that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the event. External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.2018 Making the turn against Parkinsin's Scholarship: $5,000 External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.2018 Rosa Parks Scholarship: $2000 External LinkWebsite Link
03.02.2018 Mary Jane Dockery Scholarship: $1500 External LinkWebsite Link
03.15.2018 GRCC Foundation Scholarship: Students must be admitted to apply.  External LinkWebsite Link
03.30.2018 I.F.D Leaders In Mathematics Scholarship: (3) $2000 PDF DocumentApplication Link


Credit Union One Scholarship: External LinkWebsite

04.02.2018 MRA Michigan Retailers Assocation: $1000  External LinkWebsite Link
04.14.2018 Allendale Rotary Scholarship 2018: $1000 PDF DocumentInformation & Application Link
04.13.2018 Elise Joy Frantz Scholarship: $1500 PDF DocumentInformation  PDF DocumentApplication
04.15.2018 Region 9 MEA Retired Scholarship: $500 (x5) PDF Document /downloads/high_school_counseling/region_9_mea_application_2018.pdf
04.15.2018 Kraft Business Systems IT Scholarship: $1000 External LinkWebsite Link
05.07.2018 Athletic Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link  PDF DocumentRecommendation Link
05.10.2018 APS Foundation Scholarship: $500 (2) PDF DocumentApplication Link
05.11.2018 Ceglarek Family Fine Arts Scholarship: $1000 PDF DocumentApplication Link


UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link


Groth & Associates Scholarship: $1000  External LinkWebsite Link

08.31.2018 2018 Kelsey's Law Scholarship: Multiple Awards: $2000, $1500, $1000, $500. External LinkWebsite Link



Scholarship Information 2016/2017:

10/06/2016 AES Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Website Link
11/28/2016 MHSAA Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Website Link
11/30/16 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link


RARE Everyday Hero Scholarship: GPA, nor test scores are part of this scholarship opportunity. Eligible students should submit an original, one-page, single spaced essay about someone whom they consider to be an Everyday Hero because, through their life’s work, they are making a difference for others. External LinkWebsite Link

12/01/2016 Griswold Home Care Scholarship: $1000.00 External LinkWebiste Link
12/15/2016 Michigan Technological University: $7,000.00 External LinkWebsite Link
12/31/2016 Rove Pest Control Scholarship for Class of 2017: External LinkWebsite Link
01/05/2017 2017 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Website Link
01/15/2017 NALS of Michigan Scholarship:$1000.00 PDF DocumentNALS Scholarship
02/01/2017 University Club of Grand Rapids: Website and Application Link
02/01/2017 Community Choice Foundation Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02/15/2017 2017 Circle Michigan Scholarship: External LinkWebiste Link
02/15/2017 American Foundry Society Western Michigan Chapter MCC Materials Technology Stipend: PDF DocumentAFS MCC Materials Technology Stipend Information
02/15/2017 American Foundry Society Western Michigan Chapter STEM Stipend: PDF DocumentAFS Western Michigan STEM
02/20/2017 Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship: $2000  External LinkWebsite Link
02/23/2017 2017 Michigan Education ScholarshipExternal LinkMEA Website
03/02/2017 Grand Haven Community Foundation: Multiple Scholarships External LinkWebsite Link
03/01/2017 AcenTek Scholarship: External LinkWebsite
03/01/2017 Rosa Parks Scholarship: (40) $2000.00 scholarships External LinkScholarship website
03/03/2017 Mary Jane Dockeray Scholarship: (2) $1500.00 External Link Scholarship Link


Steenwyk & Chatfield Scholarship: Word DocumentScholarship Link

03/15/2017 Grand Rapids Community College Foundation Scholarship: Students must be admitted to attend. External Link Application Website
03/17/2017 Holland Hospital Nursing Scholarship: $5,000 PDF DocumentHolland Hospital Nursing Scholarship  You can pick up an application and more information from Mrs. DeGroot
03/17/2017 West Michigan Counseling Association: The application gets turned directly into your counselor- it goes to a committee here to decide on the two final nominees to be mailed in to try to get the scholarship.  
DUE DATE TO YOUR COUNSELOR:  MARCH 17, 2017 PDF DocumentApplication
03/31/2017 IFD Leaders in Mathmatics Scholarship: Google DriveIFD Leaders in Mathematics Scholarship
03/31/2017  Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital Service League: $1,000 Scholarship to students entering the medical field. External LinkSpectrum Health Zeeland Scholarship
03/31/2017 Allendale Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund: $500 to Allendale area senior who has accepted and will be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall immediately following their high school graduation. External LinkApplication Link
03/31/2017 MASSP Scholarship: PDF Document Application


Credit Union One William G. Coyne Memorial Scholarship Program: External LinkScholarship Website Link

04/01/2017 Michigan Retailers Association: (17) $1,500 scholarships External LinkScholarship Link
04/14/2017 Allendale Rotary Club Scholarship: $1000 External LinkScholarship Link
05/03/2017 2017 Ceglarek Family Fine Arts Scholarship: $1000 PDF DocumentApplication
05/04/2017 Athletic Boosters Scholarship: $500 PDF DocumentScholarship Instructions   PDF DocumentScholarship Application
05/08/2017 Allendale Music Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
05/11/2017 APS Foundation Scholarship: $500 x2  PDF DocumentApplication
05/12/2017 MASPA: $1000  PDF DocumentApplication Link


B.Davis Scholarship: $1,000 External LinkWebsite Link 


Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link

06/01/2017 Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
06/01/2017 Groth & Associates Scholarship: $1000.00 External LinkWebsite Link


Big Sun Scholarships: $500.00 External LinkWebsite Link


Aspiring Nurse Scholarship: $1000.00 External LinkWebsite Link



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December 16
Army Visit SGT George Dickert
Army Visit SGT George Dickert
Date: Dec 16
Calendar: Allendale High School Guidance/Counseling Calendar
MCC Nicole Decker 2nd Lunch
MCC Nicole Decker 2nd Lunch
Date: Dec 16
Calendar: Allendale High School Guidance/Counseling Calendar
December 17
Marine Visit
Marine Visit
Date: Dec 17
Calendar: Allendale High School Guidance/Counseling Calendar
December 23
Army National Guard
Army National Guard
Date: Dec 23
Calendar: Allendale High School Guidance/Counseling Calendar
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January 7
Navy Visit Erick Milewski
Navy Visit Erick Milewski
Date: Jan 7
Calendar: Allendale High School Guidance/Counseling Calendar