Community Budget Guide


 PDF Document2016-17 Community Budget Guide

 Message from the Superintendent

This Community Budget Guide is designed to provide our parents and taxpayers with  an understandable explanation of the complexity and challenges of our Allendale Public Schools’ financial operations.
The Board of Education bases its decisions on three key beliefs:

The Board of Education is dedicated to fulfilling its mission statement.

Providing our students with high quality and caring staff, excellent facilities, technology, and curriculum resources, and leveraging partnerships with community organizations and other institutions is critical to promoting the mission and vision of the district.

Serving as stewards of limited resources, the Board of Education must be fiscally responsible.

The Board of Education has balanced its budget each of the last six fiscal years and added small amounts to its fund equity (reserved for larger, one-time expenses). The Board also is actively refinancing long-term debt to save interest expense and thereby  reducing the debt millage for taxpayers.

The Board of Education is committed to collaborative problem solving with its employee associations to provide fair compensation in a time of uncertain state funding.

The Board of Education is very appreciative of the work of its staff and wants to ensure that compensation is comparable and competitive with surrounding districts.

We encourage you to learn more about our budget and welcome suggestions on the allocation of district financial resources in order to maintain essential programs and services that impact student success.

— Dr. garth cooper, Superintendent