Google Classrooom Help

Allendale Public Schools teachers use Google Classroom to manage classroom instruction, assignments, and communication with students and families.

During face-to-face instruction and if we need to return to online instruction for all students, this is a powerful tool that will make tracking what's happening in classrooms easier and more efficient.

Below are tutorial videos for parents and students in both English and Spanish that have quick and easy-to-follow instructions for using Google Classroom.



Google Classroom Tutorial for Students:


Parents Guide to Google Classroom:


Google Classroom for Guardians:


Parent's Guide to Google Hangouts Meet:


How to Submit Assignments in Google:


Ask Your Teacher a Question in Google Classroom:


En Espanol

Como entrar Google Classroom y Entregar la tarea:


Tutorial para el use de Google Classroom:


Tutorial para el uso de Google Meet:


Como traducir Google Classroom al español: