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Before & After School Care

Good Time Friends

Before & After School Childcare Program

Welcome to Good Time Friends before and after school childcare for students age five through fifth grade. Our program has been part of the Allendale community since 1988 and is licensed by the State of Michigan. We are have earned the prestigious 4-star rating from the Great Start to Quality program. We provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child. At Good Time Friends, children receive supervised care while enjoying crafts, computers, indoor and outdoor play, movies, board games and lots of “Good Time” fun!

About Our Program

When children arrive in the morning, they have a choice of craft projects, table games, and other activities. Breakfast is served around 7:35 am and is 30 cents per food item.   Choices include hot or cold cereal, fruit, yogurt, granola bars and more.  Students may also choose to participate in the school breakfast program where the morning meal is $1.50 or 30 cents reduced-price, or free for those families who qualify.   

Oakwood students will be bused to school at approximately 8:15 am. After school, Oakwood students must ride a bus to the program at Evergreen Elementary School. If a child rides a bus in the morning, he/she may ride that bus to the elementary. If the child does not ride a bus in the morning, he/she may get on any bus to the elementary school.

Our afternoon program offers a variety of activities including free play on playgrounds, show-and-share, computer lab, crafts, homework area, basketball, mini pool table, tabletop games and more. Electronic devices are allowed on designated days only. Please note: Good Time Friends is not responsible for any electronic devices brought to the program; families assume all risk when children bring their own devices to the program.

Weekly Schedule

State licensing requires a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio in our program. For this reason, we request that parents/guardians provide us with a childcare schedule each week. This allows us to plan for our staffing needs. 

All schedules must be received the Wednesday prior to the week when childcare is needed. 

Schedules can be submitted via hard copy or email ( Fillable schedules are available next to the sign-in-sign-out forms. When unexpected child care needs arise, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your child, as long as openings are available. Drop-in care is not guaranteed.

The Good Time Friends program follows the Allendale Public Schools calendar. When the school district has a half-day session, Good Time Friends will be open from the time school dismisses until 6:00 pm. During those half-days, a field trip may be scheduled. Sign-up forms will be posted in advance of the event, outlining the activities planned. The additional fees for the planned activity and transportation will be added to the family’s bill. An hourly rate applies for all half days.

School Cancellations & Delays
•  IF SCHOOL IS CANCELED BEFORE 6 AM, Good Time Friends will NOT be in session.

•  IF SCHOOL IS CANCELED AFTER 6 AM, families may pick up their child as soon as possible or make 
arrangements for someone else to pick up their child as soon as possible.

•  NOTE: Allendale Public Schools does not transport children home if school is canceled.

•  IF SCHOOL IS DELAYED, Good Time Friends will keep children at the elementary school until school begins. 

•  IF SCHOOL IS CANCELED FOLLOWING A DELAY, the hourly rate will continue to accrue until the child is picked up. For example, if a child is dropped off at 6:30 am and is picked up at 2:30 pm, the family be billed $32.50 ($7 + $25.50). 

The regular $7/morning fee will apply until 8:30 am. After 8:30 am, there will be an hourly charge of $4.25. For example, if a child dropped off at 6:30 am and in attendance through a two-hour delay, the family will be billed $15.50 ($7 + $8.50 per child)

Enrollment & Tuition

Enrollment & Registration Fee
Children must be five (5) years old to enroll in Good Time Friends. To register your child for Good Time Friends, please complete the enrollment forms and submit the $30 registration fee. The non-refundable registration fee is used to buy supplies for the program.

Program Fees
Before School (6 am until school begins) | $7.00 per child
After School (until 6:00 pm close), if you pick-up at...
3:30-4:30 pm  |  $4.25 per child
4:31-5:00 pm  |  $6.50 per child
5:01-5:30 pm  |  $8.75 per child
5:31-6:00 pm  |  $11.00 per child

Payment Policy
Payment is due the last day of service each week. 
Good Time Friends accepts cash, check or credit cards as payment.  The Good Time Friends program is eligible to receive payments from Child Development and Care Program (DHS). If payment is not received by 6 pm Friday, a $10.00 late fee will be charged. If a bill is more than two weeks and/or $100 behind, the child will not be allowed to participate in Good Time Friends until the bill is paid in full. If late payment becomes a pattern, the family may be required to pre-pay for service.

No Show/Cancellation Fee
To cancel childcare for morning or afternoon, please contact us by phone (616-892-5579) or by email ( at least 12 hours prior to the child’s scheduled time. Families may also contact the Evergreen Elementary School office at 616-892-3465 to report a child’s absence from Good Time Friends. Failure to notify will result in an additional $5.00 fee per child for each scheduled session that a child misses. Families will not be charged for children who are sick, however; families are still required to notify the program of the child’s absence as soon as possible. 

Late Pick-up Fee
Good Time Friends closes at 6:00 pm. Staff must be present until all children and parents have left. After 6:00 pm, a late fee of $10 is charged for the first 15 minutes and an additional $10 for every additional 15 minutes following.  

•  Pick-up between 6:00 - 6:15 pm incurs a $10 late fee.
•  Pick-up between 6:16 - 6:30 pm incurs a $20 late fee.

Late fees will be automatically added to weekly bills. Chronic lateness may result in the dismissal of your child from the program.

To Enroll in the Good Time Friends Program
Enrollment forms are available at Evergreen and Oakwood schools, as well as on the Allendale Public Schools website:  For additional information or questions, please contact Janis Lutz, Program Director, at 616-892-5579.