Community Budget Guide

Community Budget Guide


This Community Budget Guide was developed to assist parents and taxpayers in understanding the financial operations of Allendale Public Schools. As you know, budgeting is a complex undertaking that requires consideration of many factors, including but not limited to, enrollment projections, resource allocation, capital and operational funding needs and compensation of personnel. With all that in mind, the APS Board of Education makes its financial decisions based on three guiding principles:

  1. Mission Focus. We are unwavering in our commitment to educate, inspire and support all students with a first-class education that provides the knowledge and skills they need to live successful lives.
  2. Faithful Stewardship. We are committed to faithful financial stewardship, as demonstrated in part by increasing our Fund Balance consistently over the last nine fiscal years and our commitment going forward to increase it by 1% annually.
  3. Fair Compensation. As the school district continues to grow, we are committed to working collaboratively to provide fair and competitive compensation for our personnel as well as ensuring appropriate staffing needs in all areas.

The Board encourages you to look over this guide, and we welcome your comments or suggestions regarding allocation of the District’s resources. By careful leveraging of our resources and partnering closely with our community, we will insure that we are meeting the needs of all students in Allendale Public Schools. — Dr. Garth Cooper, Superintendent

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Budget FAQs

Consult the Community Budget  Guide for answers to these questions and more:

Revenue Sources 

What are the different sources of revenue for Allendale Public Schools?

General Fund

How has the district’s general fund been affected by the economy?
What operating expenses make up the majority of the general fund budget?
How much fund equity does the district have to protect against revenue cuts?

Bond Funds

Why are bond funds not included in the operating revenue sources listed in topic, Revenue Sources?
What projects are part of the current bond issue approved by the voters in May of 2007?
What is the financial status of our current bond projects?