Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations (APBO)

The Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations (APBO) is a 501c3 non-profit entity created to provide financial oversight for affiliated parent or booster organizations. Those affliliated organizations include:

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External LinkAllendale Elementary PTO

Each of these affiliated organizations has tax-exempt status under the umbrella of the Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations. They are required to approve appropriate by-laws, financial practices, and annual reporting that meet the guidelines of the Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations by-laws.

The APBO does not determine how each affiliated organization chooses its Executive Board or how each decides how to fundraise and what to do with the proceeds from those fundraisers. Each affiliated organization is required only to meet financial best practices and reporting for the umbrella organization.

If you would like more information regarding the Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations Board, how to become an affiliated organization, or any individual or group that claims to be fundraising for Allendale Public Schools, please contact Scott Park at 616-892-5572 or Misty Galant at 616-796-1508 x4008.

APBO Board of Directors

Mark Allen
Vice President

Rhonda Strating

Angela Engbers

Lindsey Hanes

Renee Malkowski

Mike Nyboer

Sabrina VanWyk

Misty Galant
Ex-Officio Member

Scott Park
Ex-Officio Member

Allendale Parent & Booster Organizations (APBO)

The APBO board is made up of past or present affiliate board members and some school employees.  The purpose of the board is to serve as a resource to each of you serving on an affiliate booster or PTO group.  Any member of an affiliate parent group is welcome to join this board, so if you’d be interested in serving and supporting your fellow affiliate board members we’d love to have you!

Important Documents for Parent Groups:

PDF DocumentContact Listing

Name and contact information of everyone serving on the APBO and all affiliate group boards.

PDF DocumentIRS Award Letter, 501c3 Tax Exemption

To be used when you’re asked to prove 501c3 tax exempt status.  The letter is written to the APBO and provides for a group exemption ruling that covers all of its affiliate groups, which are listed on the last page.

PDF DocumentBylaws

Governing bylaw required by the IRS that have been adopted by all groups.

PDF DocumentFundraising Policy

IRS required fundraising policy signed by all affiliate groups.

PDF DocumentArticles of Affiliation

Document signed by all affiliate groups to be included in the group exemption.

PDF DocumentArticles of Incorporation

Document required by IRS signed by all affiliate groups.

PDF DocumentConflict of Interest Policy

Governing conflict of interest policy applicable to parent group activity and membership.

Word DocumentReceipt Sample

A sample of a receipt to provide to someone giving a donation to your group, for the purpose of their tax return (tax exempt donation).

Raffle Information

Charitable Gaming (

The state of MI requires a raffle license for any “game of chance”.  Information and the application can be found here. Additionally, the state personnel are very helpful… don’t hesitate to give them a call!

PDF DocumentRaffle Alternatives

A list of fundraising activities that would NOT require a raffle license from the state.

Excel DocumentSales Tax Form

A sample of the form and information each affiliate group will be asked to submit (required reporting to the state of MI).  We are NOT exempt from MI Sales tax.

Excel DocumentYear End Financial Report

A sample of the year-end final budget information you will be asked to submit.