Scholarship Information

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If information listed below is not available, please see Mrs. DeGroot,  Ms. Pellegrom or Mr. Fogel in the Counseling Office for assistance.

Scholarships Available for 2020-2021


11.11.2021- MASFPS Scholarship:$2500 Website Link

1.15.2021-Michigan Mortgage Service Scholarship: $1000 Website Link

1.29.2021-Ryan Fischer Legacy Scholarship:$4000 External LinkWebsite  **Applications must be turned in to Mr. Hogan.

1.31.2021-Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships:External LinkWebsite 

1.31.2021-Lake Michigan Credit Union Hutt Scholarship:External Link Website

2.1.2021-Endeavor Ag & Energy Scholarships: External LinkWebsite

2.5.2021-U-M Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship: External LinkWebsite

2.15.2021-Alzheimer's Foundation of America scholarship: External LinkWebsite

2.18.2021-MEA Scholarship:$1000 External LinkWebsite

2.22.2021-Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship: External LinkWebsite
**Forms must be submitted to AcenTek no later than February 22nd so that our CEO can sign and mail them to FRS before March 5th.

2.22.2021-University Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication

2.26.2021-Allendale Community Foundation Scholarship: External LinkWebsite

3.1.2021-2021 AcenTek Scholarship:External LinkWebsite

3.2.2021-Rosa Parks Scholarship:External LinkWebsite

3.5.2021-Deputy David Steenwyk & Deputy Matt  ChatfieldScholarship:$4000  PDF DocumentPDF Application

3.5.2021-I.F.D. Leaders in Mathematics Scholarship: (2) $2000 PDF DocumentPDF Application

3.12.2021-Choice One Scholarship: External LinkWebsite 

3.15.2021-Grand Rapids Community College Foundation Scholarship:This application is available to all currently admitted GRCC students. External LinkLink

3.18.2021-Holland Hospital RN Scholarship Program: External LinkWebsite

3.30.2021-Mary Jane Dockery Scholarship: (2) $2,500 External LinkWebsite

3.21.2021-BBB Trust Scholarship: $2000 External LinkWebsite

4.1.2021-Mike Robillard Scholarship: PDF DocumentInformation PDF DocumentApplication

4.1.2021-Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship:  External LinkWebsite

4.16.2021-Elise Joy Franz Scholarship: $1,500 PDF DocumentApplication Info PDF DocumentApplication

4.19.21-Skilled Trade Scholarship: $500 External LinkWebsite Link

4.30.2021-Allendale Rotary Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication

5.6.2021-Allendale Public Schools Foundation Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication

5.12.2021-Ceglarek Family Fine Arts Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication

5.17.2021-Allendale Athletic Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Information PDF DocumentRecommendation Form

5.17.2021-Ben Vandyken Memorial Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Information

5.21.2021-Allendale Music Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Information




Other Scholarships 2019-2020


01.15.2020 NALS of West Michigan Scholarship: $1000 PDF DocumentApplication Rules and Regulations
02.20.2020 MEA Scholarship 2020: External LinkScholarship Link
02.21.2020 The University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
02.28.2020 Allendale Community Foundation Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
03.01.2020 Grand Rapids Community Foundation: External LinkScholarship Link
03.01.2020 Consumers Credit Union Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
03.02.2020 IFD Leaders in Mathematics Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.02.2020 AcenTek Scholarship 2020: (20) $1000 Scholarships: External LinkScholarship Link
03.15.2020 Deputy David Steenwyk and Deputy Matt Chatfield: PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.15.2020 Michigan Retailers Association: External LinkWebsite Link
03.15.2020 USA Officials Association Mike Robillard Memorial ScholarshipPDF DocumentApplication Link
03.30.2020 Mary Jane Dockeray Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.31.2020 2020 Kelsey’s Law Distracted Driving Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.01.2020 Credit Union One Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link

2020 MEA Retired Region 9 Scholarship MEA: PDF DocumentApplication Link

04.13.2020 Elise Joy Frantz Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.14.2020 2020 Allendale Rotary Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
05.07.2020 Allendale Public School Foundation Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
05.31.2020 PB&J Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
06.06.2020 Ben VanDyken Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link

Scholarship Information 2018-2019



10.31.18 VFW Youth Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
12.31.18 Zip Recruiter Scholarship: $3000 External LinkScholarship Link
12.31.18 Getting Real About Distracted Driving Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.01.19 Credit Union One Scholarships: External LinkWebsite Link
01.14.19 American Legion Scholarships: Multiple  External LinkWebsite Link

Essay Contests for Ayn Rand’s Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged:
External LinkWebsite Link

01.31.19 Discover Student Loans Sweepstakes: External LinkWebsite Link
01.31.19 LMCU Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.01.19 University Club of Grand Rapids: $1000 External LinkWebsite Link 
02.15.19  University of Michigan Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.20.19 Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship: Multiple Scholarships External LinkWebsite Link
02.21.19 Michigan Education Association: $1,500 x20 External LinkWebsite Link
02.22.19 St. Mary's of Michigan Dr. Raana Akbar Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
02.27.19 You Deserve It Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 Allendale Community Foundation: External LinkWebsite Link  PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.01.19 AcenTek Scholarship: (20) $1000 External LinkWebsite Link

Fred and Lena Meijer Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link

 Eligibility Requirements

For the year for which the application is being submitted, the applicant must be either:

1)A current Meijer Team Member with an employment start date prior to April 2, 2018, who has been employed full-time or part-time by Meijer, with continuous service, and will be attendingcollege/university or technical school either part or full time or,

2)A dependent child (natural, legally adopted, or step-child) of a current Meijer Team Member with an employment start date prior to April 2, 2018 who has been employed full-time or part-time by Meijer, who will be attending college/university or technical school either part or full time or,

3)A dependent child of a former Meijer Team Member who worked full-time or part-time for Meijer forat least one year, but whose employment was terminated due to death, retirement, or total and permanentdisability, who will be attending college/university or technical school full time.

 The scholarship cannot be used to complete a graduate level program. Children of Meijer company officers, board of directors, and shareholders are not eligible for a scholarship.

03.01.19 2019 Rosa Parks Scholarship: $2000 External LinkWebsite Link
03.01.19 I.F.D. Leaders in Mathematics Scholarship: (2) $2000 Scholarships  PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.01.19 Michigan Competitive Scholarship: External LinkWebsite Link
03.03.19 Deputy Steenwyk/Chatfield Scholarship: $4000 PDF DocumentApplication Link
03.15.19 Michigan Retailers Association: External
03.16.19 West Michigan District of PMA (Precision Metalforming Association): PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.29.19 Mary Jane Dockeray Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
03.31.19 Allendale Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Info
03.31.19 Skilled Trades ScholarshipExternal LinkScholarship Info
03.31.19 2019 Constructive Sheet Metal Inc.: External LinkScholarship Info

MACAC Maggie Miller Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link

04.01.19 Michigan Retailers Association Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.12.19 2019 LEADS Scholarship Program: External LinkScholarship Link
04.12.19 Apartmentguide Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.14.19 Rotary Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
04.15.19 MEA Retired Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
04.15.19 Elise Joy Frantz Scholarship: PDF DocumentInformation Link Word DocumentApplication Link
05.01.19 Rover Scholarship: $2500 External LinkScholarship Link
05.06.19 Ben VanDyken Memorial Scholarship: PDF Document Scholarship Application
05.09.19 Allendale Public Schools Foundation ScholarshipPDF DocumentApplication Link
05.09.19 Ceglarek Family Fine Arts Scholarship: PDF DocumentApplication Link
05.10.19 Athletic Boosters Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Link  PDF DocumentRecommendation Form
05.25.19 WMCA Scholarship: PDF DocumentScholarship Form
05.31.19 Hammett, Bellin & Oswald Law & Justice Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
05.31.19 West Michigan Armed Forces Dependent Scholarship: External Link Scholarship Link
06.01.19 Pureland Supply Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link
06.01.19 Projector Lamps Scholarship: External LinkScholarship Link