Virtual Learning Program

With consent of a parent or guardian, students in grades 5-12 may enroll in up to two online learning courses per academic term. Enrollment in online courses cannot result in a course load that exceeds a full time schedule.

The APS Virtual Learning program allows students to attend school at home via online courses offered by programs such as Michigan Virtual, Aventa Online Learning, K12 Online Learning, and much more. The program enrolls new students every fall. 

If you are interested in pursuing online learning through the APS Virtual Learning Program, follow these steps:

1. Explore online learning  
Review characteristics of successful online learning. Browse available online courses. Use additional helpful guides when considering online learning.

PDF Document"The Characteristics of Successful Online Learners"

PDF DocumentParent Guide To Online Learning

External Link Michigan's Statewide Online Course Catalog

2. Assess your readiness for online learning                                   

3. Contact your counselor

  • Return the completed forms (Step 2, above) to your school's counselor
  • Schedule a meeting with your counselor (see below for contact information)

4. Make the commitment to succeed in online learning

APS Counselors and Principals

Allendale High School and New Options High School Counselors

  • Jason Fogel  616-892-5585 x1146
  • Liz Pellegrom 616-892-5585 x1148

Middle School Principal

  • Travis Plain  616-892-5595

Oakwood Principal

  • Doug Bol  616-892-3475

Elementary Principal

  • Doug Bol  616-892-3470

Early Childhood Center Principal

  • Blake Smolen   616-892-5580


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Allendale High School
Jason Fogel
Allendale High School
Liz Pellegrom
Allendale High School